Major Appliance Repair Program – Refrigeration Repair Course

With technical skills and good work ethics, employment in this field will be easy to obtain.


Major appliance repair is becoming a highly technical field. With the ever-increasing popularity of computers and the internet, home appliances are being developed to incorporate this demand. Appliances are now controlled by computer boards; even some model refrigerators have computer screens with internet access. With these new changes in the industry and the demand for services, highly qualified and skilled technicians are constantly sought after. The number of home appliances is expected to grow as the number of households and businesses increase.

Career Opportunities:

  • A/C & Refrigeration Technician
  • Appliance Installer
  • Kitchen Technician
  • Laundry Technician
  • Parts Counter
  • Technician Helper

Employment Opportunities:

Employment of the home appliance repair technicians will increase by 6% through the year 2024. Although employment of self-employed home repair technicians is projected to decline, employment of wage and salary workers will increase about as fast as average. Opening your own business is quite easy with some experience.


The average wage for Appliance Repair Technicians is $16.11 hourly, or $33,520 annually.


Location and Hours:

  • Miami Lakes Educational Center & Technical College (Certificate – 1200 Hours)
  • Robert Morgan Educational Center & Technical College (Certificate – 1200 Hours)