This field is always in high demand.


Plumbers contribute substantially to the general health and well-being of people by providing fresh and safe drinking water, and removing waterborne waste. Laws have been enacted requiring the work of plumbers to be licensed and regulated by building codes.


A career in the plumbing field can lead to several job opportunities. Some include repairs, remodeling, maintenance, estimating jobs, and the inspection of new work within school districts or local government agencies.

You may work for a contractor or go into business for yourself within the many field covered by the plumbing industry. Advancements or opportunities are unlimited in the plumbing field.


  • Swimming Pools/Spas
  • Lawn Sprinkler Systems
  • New Construction
  • Building Maintenance
  • Government Offices/Schools
  • Solar Water Systems
  • Medical Gas System Installations
  • Natural/LP Gas Installation
  • Remodeling – Repairs
  • Backflow Prevention/Certification
  • Plumbing Supply Dealers
  • Water/Sewer Treatment Plants


Workers in the plumbing field are in great demand; thereby, plumbers may request higher salaries with overtime opportunities. Employment growth is projected to grow 21%, faster than average.


Median wage for this career is $24.13 hourly, $50,180 annually.