Advance Health Assistant

Provide support and assistance under the instruction and supervision of a dentist.


Clinical duties include helping to manage the dental office, preparing patients for treatment, charting patient treatment, exposing and processing dental X-Ray instruments. Providing oral hygiene instruction, preparing dental filling material, taking impressions for study purposes or models, and making casts of teeth are vital elements of training. The dental assistant program completion will require approximately one year.

Employment Opportunities:

Dental assistants can work in private dental offices, dental schools, or hospitals. There will be many opportunities for entry-level positions, but some dentists prefer to hire experienced assistants, those who have completed a dental assisting program or have met state requirements.

Career Opportunities:

  • Dental Assistant

Virtually, all dental assistants work in a private dental office. Employment of dental laboratory technicians is projected to grow 10% from 2014 to 2024.


The average wage for this career is $18.86 hourly or $39,220 annually.


Location and Hours:

  • Lindsey Hopkins Technical College (Certificate – 1230 Hours)
  • Miami Lakes Educational Center & Technical College (Certificate – 1230 Hours)
  • Robert Morgan Educational Center & Technical College (Certificate – 1230 Hours)

Healthcare Occupations

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