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English for Speakers of Other Languages

(M-DCPSTC) Adult Education English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL) program offers English classes for individuals 16 years of age and older and no longer enrolled or required to be enrolled in high school who resides in our county. The purpose of these classes is to help adults learn English so they can find a better job, expand their learning opportunities and actively participate in the education of their children and the betterment of our community. The program has several classes to accommodate our large and diverse community and service each student’s individual needs.
M-DCPSTC Adult ESOL Program is designed to develop all components of language-speaking, listening comprehension, reading, writing, grammar, and pronunciation – in content. The courses have three integral parts: Workforce skills, life skills, and academic skills. The methodology is communicative, integrative, and student-centered, as recommended by research on language acquisition and adult learning. M-DCPSTC Adult ESOL program offers day, evening and weekend classes in numerous convenient locations. During the last academic year, M-DCPSTC Adult ESOL Program helped thousands of adult students learn English in our community.
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