High School Completion

Student learning about math with teacher

The adult high school credit program provides an opportunity for individuals 16 years of age and older to return to school and earn a high school diploma. The requirements are the same as those in high school.

State Board Rule stipulates that high school credits awarded to adults are based on demonstrated mastery of the student performance standards. It further states that courses for high school credit leading to a high school diploma shall be of sufficient length and content to permit a level of competence at least equivalent to that required of students in public high school.

The Adult High School (AHS) program enables individuals who are no longer enrolled or required to be enrolled in high school to complete the required courses and state assessments to earn a standard high school diploma. Program requirements are in accordance with standards established by the state. A program of instruction for AHS students shall be based on the State of Florida adult education course description and the Florida Standards included in the secondary course description. Students in the AHS program must meet all state and local requirements for graduation.

Adult General Education Programs

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