Information Technology Assistant

Information technology (IT) assistants are in charge of helping with the day-to-day tasks in the systems department of their organization.


IT Assistants are responsible for monitoring different support ticket systems and following up to ensure prompt resolution of issues. In addition, they must maintain and update current and new software across networks and operating systems.

This course is the first in several PSAV programs within the Business Management & Administration Career Cluster.  This 1500 hour course includes instruction in the areas of various information systems, awareness of microprocessors and digital computers, effective use of technology, various modes of communication through technology, and customer service and leadership strategies, to list a few.


Employment Opportunities:

IT assistants work in an office environment with other IT professionals and should have excellent interpersonal communication skills. Some of their main tools include a personal computer with Internet access to maintain computer software and email correspondence, in addition to a variety of precision screwdrivers for hardware repair. They report their progress to the IT manager in their department and often must report progress of issues within the relevant support-ticket system.

Career Opportunities:

  • Information Technology Assistant


Information Technology Assistants come in at around $14.62 per hour on average. Location and years of experience each impact pay for this group, with the former having the largest influence.


Location and Hours:

  • North Miami Adult Education Center (Certificate – 1500 Hours)

Information Technology

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